Large Text File Viewer for Windows

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Open Huge Text Files with Ease

There are lots of documents or text viewer programs that can handle big files. However, most of them come with limitations when it comes to the amount of data stored in the files. Notepad, for example, comes with functions that are simple and easy to use but cannot load tons of text in one go. Microsoft Word, on the other hand, stutters if you go beyond the usual capacity of text that most people load on it. It is in instances like these that you need specialized file viewers designed to withstand the weight and size of your files. Large Text File Viewer is a free productivity app that lets you open and view large files. True to its name, it allows users to load files with sizes greater than 1GB

Easy-Peasy with the Size

Large Text File Viewer is one of the handy file viewing programs available nowadays. The app is simplistic enough in its operation and yet still smooth in performance, something that both Notepad and Word can’t hold a candle to. It uses little space and little memory, and it's very easy to use, you don't even have to install the program. You only need to run the executable file when you need to use it. 

Large Text File Viewer can open and view a file that’s more than 1GB in size with such relative ease. It can even open files currently being written on by other programs, reading the contents in real-time. If you need to search for something in the files, it’s pretty easy to do so, too. The app allows for regular expression search by quoted strings, dates and times, and even hexadecimal integers. You can also change the display parameters of the file viewer, such as the font, font size, color of the text, background color, and word-wrap of the text. The app automatically saves the changes you made for the next time you use the app. It will even remember your recently-opened files along with the size and position of your window the last time you used it. 

Overall, Large Text File Viewer is a great tool to have when you constantly work with large files. However, this app isn’t perfect and could still use some tweaking around. 


  • Can open beyond 1GB of text
  • Smooth in performance
  • Can change formatting
  • No need to install


  • No longer supports Windows 9x
  • Partial Unicode support
  • No full-screen view
  • Regular expression syntax slightly different from the standard

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Large Text File Viewer for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 5.2
  • 4.1
  • (27)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Large Text File Viewer

  • billpennock

    by billpennock

    It opened my 16G file almost immediately. It is terribly disconcerting to find a background of Darkwatch though. Hopefully there are not trojans or other bad actor code sets in here.


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